Banquet Appetizers

choose from the following packages (pricing is based on 2 pieces of each appetizer per person)

the blackmore: 4 appetizers at $15/person (available for groups of 25 of more)

the lone peak: 7 appetizers at $20/person (available for groups of  25 of more)

the granite peak: 10 appetizers at $25/person (available for groups of 30 of

tuna tartare

ahi poke tuna

sous vide salmon with roe

smoked salmon canapes*

smoked trout blt's *

shrimp ceviche

crab cakes

bison pot stickers


prosciutto-wrapped asparagus

beef skewers, kimchi aioli

edamame hummus

zucchini fritters

truffled jo-jo's

cod brandade*

crab salad

shrimp shumai

chicken satay with peanut sauce

pastrami canape*

carnitas pork

local lamb meatballs

duck pot stickers*

duck pate*

jerk pork or chicken skewers

pork belly tacos*

bison pot stickers

beef skewers, kimchi aioli

smoked fish cakes*


taos dip

spinach dip

veggie tray

gallatin valley salad

* Items with an asterisk may need a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. 
Preparations and ingredients are subject to chef’s discretion.