What's On Tap

We're proud to offer the most extensive regional microbrew selection in the Northern Rockies!

We've got over 40 beers on tap, from IPAs to porters, cask-conditioned to nitrogenated, in addition to an always rotating selection of seasonal and specialty beers, hand-crafted and fresh brewed in the Rocky Mountain West.


Salmon Fly Honey Rye, Madison River Brewery - Belgrade MT

The malted barley in this unique brew is complemented by the subtle spiciness of rye. Bittering and flavor hop additions balance a sweetness from the hint of pure Montana honey.

Yellowstone Golden Ale, Lewis & Clark Brewery - Helena, MT

Bold hop flavor, bright & piney, with caramel notes and reddish color.

Bozone Select Amber, Bozeman Brewery - Bozeman MT

A light amber ale that has a medium malt body gently balanced by a hint of hops for a clean, refreshing finish. Dry hopped with Cascade hops for a pleasant aroma.

Passive Aggressive Pale Ale, Bitterroot Brewery - Hamilton MT
Eddy Out Pale Ale, Kettle House Brewery - Missoula, MT
Sweetgrass A.P.A., Grand Teton Brewery - Victor ID

An American Pale Ale, not quite as dry and bitter as an I.P.A. Crisp and fragrant, hopped and dry-hopped with plenty of Amarillos and Cascades.


Bitterroot IPA, Bitterroot Brewery - Hamilton, MT
Pygmy Owl Itty Bitty IPA, Big Sky Brewery - Missoula, MT
Hopzone I.P.A., Bozeman Brewery - Bozeman MT

Well hopped, but balanced, with light citrus and pine flavors. A very sessionable I.P.A.

Bent Nail IPA, Red Lodge Ales - Red Lodge MT

This IPA is high in alcohol and hop flavor, with intense grapefruit and citrus aromas and an exceptional malt balance. 

The Juice Imperial IPA 
, Madison River Brewing - Belgrade MT 

Robust, malty and alcoholic with a hop profile that might rip your tongue out, but finishing with a rich and distinctive flavor. 

De-Railed IPA, Carter's Brewery - Billings, MT
Vigilante IPA, Bridger Brewing - Bozeman, MT


Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pabst Brewing Co. - Milwaukee, WI
Snake River Lager, Snake River Brewery - Jackson WY

An amber colored Vienna-style Lager. The rich, caramel flavor is balanced with the use of several hop varieties for a subtle hop note.

Czech Mate Pilsner, Red Lodge Brewery - Red Lodge, MT
Montana Helles, Bayern Brewing Co. - Missoula MT

Light in color, very smooth drinking with an authentic and distinctive hop finish.

Dark Ales

Plum Street Porter, Bozeman Brewing Co. - Bozeman, MT

Full malt body with deep, dark coffee flavors and a subtle hoppiness.

Zonker Stout, Snake River Brewery - Jackson, WY
Moose Drool, Big Sky Brewing Co. - Missoula MT

A superb Montana-made brown.  Extremely smooth with a mellow, slightly sweet chocolate aftertaste.

Hippy Highway Nitrogenated Oatmeal Stout, Lone Peak Brewery - Big Sky MT

This hearty stout is roasty and toasty with a thick, rich mouth-feel. 

Jack’s 90 Shilling Nitro Scottish, Red Lodge Brewing Co. - Red Lodge, MT

An amber to brown ale with a rich malty taste and a clean finish.  Specially nitrogenated for a rich creamy mouth feel.

Cold Smoke Scottish, Kettle House Brewing - Missoula MT

Very little bitterness with a mild sweetness. A hint of roasted barley lends a smooth coffee-like, smoky finish. 


Helio Hefeweizen, Red Lodge Ales - Red Lodge MT

A thirst quenching German wheat beer, light and unfiltered with hints of clove

Dragon's Breath Dark Heff, Bayern Brewery - Missoula, MT

German-Style, unfiltered dark wheat beer

Framboise Lambic, Lindeman’s Farm Brewery - Viezenbeek, Belgium

Tiny champagne-like bubbles explode with raspberry flavor. A wonderful complement to dessert, or all by itself.

Beltian White, Harvest Moon Brewing Co. - Belt MT

Hint of fruit, subdued malt flavor and a refreshing citric finish. Garnished with an orange wedge.

Raspberry Wheat, -

Our house blend of Helio Hefeweizen and Framboise Lambic combines to make a lightly fruity, refreshing libation.

Gluten Free

Anthem Hops Cider, Wandering Aengus Ciders - Salem, OR

On Tap

Omission IPA, Widmer Brothers Brewery - Portland, OR
Omission Lager, Widmer Brothers Brewery - Portland, OR
Omission Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewery - Portland, OR
Discovery Amber, Green's - Lochristi, Belguim

Medium-bodied with subtle caramel and nut flavor nuances. Quite refined, with an herbal hop aroma and finish.

Quest Tripel Blonde, Greens - Lochristi, Belgium

Fairly light body for a beer of this strength. Expect spice and herb notes with flavors of candied fruit and an aromatic finish.